An Improved User Interface

FAC Console 4 underwent a dramatic interface overhaul. It was redesigned from the ground up with usability in mind.  The new version features a more intuitive interface. FAC Console 4 was designed by seasoned insurance professionals that understand your business.

New Insurance Functionality

Support for multiple benefits and critical illnesses has been added to FAC Console 4.  FAC also supports a better product catalogue, allowing you the flexibility to enable a complete product offering, or a simplified set of products.

Transmission Services Updates

FAC Console 4 is the first to have Universal Transmission Technology. You can use FAC Console for transmitting more than just facultative applications. In essence, you can create your own custom application using FAC Console 4's generalized transmission process. This uses the same secure transmission technology that FAC Console has become known for.

Other Technical Features

  • ACORD compliant XML feeds.
  • Internal auditing built-in. Every edit, save, and delete is audited to provide you with a way to track everything that happens in FAC Console.
  • Active Directory user authentication and integration.
  • Improved error reporting.