For the Insurer

  • You own your data. The FAC Console database and software reside behind your security measures. No one has access to it but you.
  • Since the database is in house, you can leverage that by automatically populating the FAC Console database from your administration system to provide single point data entry.
  • It is easy to setup in your exisiting infrastucture. The transportation process is unidirectional (outbound only). There is no need to setup special firewall rules or protocols. It will appear as normal web browser traffic.
  • Supports Oracle, SQL Server, and Microsoft Access to provide the seemless transition into your infrastructure.

For the Reinsurer

  • Feed your administration system directly with data provided by uploaded meta data.
  • ACORD standard XML will allow for an industry standard feed for you to tailor your level of integration.
  • Provide electronic responses to your ceding companies to reduce fax transmissions and provide them with a faster response.